Автор: Самочкина Елизавета Сергеевна
I love reading and I love English. Reading in English allows me to meet both of my interests. It is such a wonderful feeling to plunge into the world of fiction. Reading in English enlarges one’s vocabulary and teaches to think differently.

I also like watching English films. This gives me an opportunity to listen to different people and get to know different dialects of the English language. Watching films in English also helps me learn spoken language which people use in their everyday life.

Apart from that, I love talking to other people in English. I do not often meet foreigners in my day-to-day life, but I try to make friends with them when I go on holidays or attend some events. I also look for friends online. This communication gives me an opportunity to practise my speaking. I must say that sometimes it is not easy. It is hard work to express your own thoughts and make other people understand you. But I am doing well.

Writing is another aspect of the English language which requires attention. I enjoy writing in English. Unlike speaking, writing is a chance to express your thoughts in a more profound way. When you write, you can polish everyh word to perfection.

I believe that whatever your hobby is, it inspires and opens up possibilities. Everything you achieve gives you motivation for further move. I love English. I will learn it and I will go deep into it because there is so much more in it!